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I'm a writer, editor, consultant, culture analyst, and beauty & wellness expert, reporting on lifestyle & beauty trends from goth fitness to eyeball makeovers. Contact me at

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Chocolate blog article

10 Chocolate-Based Beauty Products to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Good chocolates make a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, a sweet token for Mothers’ Day, and a compelling excuse to eat “antioxidants”.

Spiritual beauty article

Why Everyone's Trying New Age Beauty Treatments

When “yoga” describes pants more often than a Hindu discipline, #namaste gets 9 million hits on Instagram, and there’s an app called Buddhify, it’s pretty safe to declare: Nothing’s sacred. Or rather, everything is.

Vlv pin up girls article

Modern Pin-Ups at the Viva Las Vegas Pageant Share Beauty Secrets

Where better to find retro beauty tips than at the biggest pin-up pageant in the world, Miss Viva Las Vegas 20? Allure braved the neon lights and slot machines to score vintage beauty secrets from select contestants, and tips from newly-crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas, New Zealand’s Miss Monique Sweet.

Weed products article

9 Weed-Laced Beauty Products to Help You Celebrate 4/20

In the Venn diagram of modern cannabis culture, the new crop of beauty products has tapped the expanding area of overlap between “stoner” and “skincare enthusiast”.

Cannabis massage article

The Dope on Denver’s Cannabis Spa Scene

The first rule of cannaspa? Don't talk about cannaspa.

His vintage touch article

Tony Medina is the Master of Retro Red Carpet Hairstyles

Introducing Tony Medina a.k.a. His Vintage Touch, the man behind Andra Day and Dita Von Teese's vintage, red carpet hairstyles.

Botox article

Dr. Brandt Skincare Announces Its First Fredric Brandt, M.D. Endowed Professorship

The very first Fredric Brandt, M.D. endowed professorship at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is... Antonella Tosti, M.D., the Magellan of hair and nails.

Bmc cosmicbox article

The Black Moon Cosmetics Cosmic EyeDust Collection Is Out of This World

If David Bowie's untimely passing has reawakened a long-simmering passion for intergalactic makeup, meet the Black Moon Cosmetics Cosmic EyeDust collection, a line of astral eye shadows.

Microblading article

Eyebrow Microblading: The Definitive *Allure* Guide

By now, you’ve probably heard of—or even considered—the latest semipermanent eyebrow procedures. Here’s what you need to know before you go under the needle. (Or microblade? Don’t worry, we’ll get to all that in a second.)

Red lipsticks article

The Best Red Lipstick Moments in History

“Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God into people,” Dita Von Teese once told The New York Times, and she ought to know. Red lipstick has been a staple of femininity since Cleopatra wore a paste made from crushed carmine beetles and ants, but it has been a wild ride. We rounded up the best moments in red lipstick history and the "It" girls who made them happen.

Scarjo article

Scarlett Johansson's Best Beauty Moments

Scarlett Johansson has whispered to horses on the big screen and whispered hoarsely on an album of Tom Waits songs, has been a blonde bombshell and Black Widow, and has officially earned more money at the box office than any other actress in history.

Runaways article

The Best Movie Makeovers Ever

If we’ve learned one thing from watching a lifetime of movie makeovers, it’s that a dye job and a tube of lipstick can change everything—including your destiny. These are the transformations that we could watch again and again and again (and we have).

Drain plugs 2 article

Why You Might Actually Want to Buy This "As Seen on TV” Drain Hair Catcher

Each time I wash my hair, I’m convinced I’ll be bald when I get out of the shower—how can one person have enough hair to sustain all the giant merkins that get caught in the drain?

Joan jett article

'80s Beauty Trends You'd Never Try Today

In the 1980s, everyone inhaled an awful lot of hairspray trying to be the most radical girl at the mall (that’s like Amazon, but IRL). Makeup was applied with a spatula, crimped bangs were frozen in place, and basically everyone went blonde (thanks to a few spritzes of Sun In, of course). These are the looks that gagged us with a spoon.