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I'm a writer, editor, consultant, culture analyst, and beauty & wellness expert, reporting on lifestyle & beauty trends from goth fitness to eyeball makeovers. Contact me at

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Beard Jewelry: The Apocalypse Is Here

Novelty beard decor has come a long way since we became a “peak beard” society.

Goth summer article

How To Have A Goth Summer

Children of the night, gather your swimsuits and these 13 essentials. Here’s how to suck out every drop of life from this summer.

Criminal tats article

9 Tattoos You Probably Shouldn't Get

If you dread answering the question, “So, what does your tattoo mean?” (and especially don’t want to get into it with someone in a yellow bandana or a patched-up motorcycle jacket), here are a few to avoid.

Reddit article

The 8 Biggest Beauty Lies Reddit Told Us

If you ever want to know more about…well, anything, visit Reddit. It’s a hideously undesigned, totally warped wonderland of diverse opinions, where breaking news emerges and pop culture fans create alternate realities. For beauty junkies, there are several rabbit holes to fall into, including AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts from makeup gurus, nail art tutorials, and in-depth breakdowns of Asian skin-care regimens. As with any fandom, the beauty world has its lunatic fringe, and that’s where you’ll find the juicy conspiracy theories.

Witch2 article

Magic Kits That Are Like Blue Apron For Lazy Witches

Yeah, we called you a lazy witch. Luckily, these enchanting all-in-one spell kits are like the Blue Apron of sorcery. Inside are all the ingredients you need to manifest your wishes, minus the hassle. Ahead, simply unbox and make a little magic.

Tattooslideshow article

The Truth About Your Favorite Tattoos

“The feather that’s breaking into a million birds,” says tattoo artist Megan Massacre, cofounder of Grit N Glory clothing and tattoo studio in NYC. “There must be tens of thousands of people on the planet with that tattoo right now. If I see another one, I’m going to puke.”

Labrat article

What No One Is Saying About Animal Testing

We don’t talk about it much, but the specter of animal-testing in cosmetics haunts every makeup lover. It’s the 900-pound captive gorilla in the room; the circus elephant in the comments section. Every time we read a lipstick review online, some well-meaning Debbie Downer is there to chime in with a comment like, “Wow, I’d love to try it but did you know they test on animals?”

Image article

Creative Ponytail Ideas

We’ve gathered the most inventive, beautiful, cool, amazing iterations of the ponytail in recent memory, from ultra-sleek to the effortlessly disheveled. Each look is deceptively simple and extremely un-boring.

Cubiclemate article

The Products Every Working Woman Needs

Over the past year, the unemployment rate for millennials fell by 1.3%. That means thousands of people who were eating ramen while job-hunting in their pajamas a year ago now have to put on pants, do their hair and makeup, and go to work. Luckily, stylish women like J.Crew’s Jenna Lyons and Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso have shown that you can look professional without being the Executive Director of Yawns.

Image article

The Latest Trend In Body Hair Smells Wonderful

Sorry, boyfriends of the world. We’ve stolen your relaxed-fit jeans, worn your oversize flannels as tunics, and now we’re coming for your beard oils.

Image article

I Named Your Lipstick! The Secret Lives of Makeup Namers

We asked eight top makeup creatives to let us in on the process and spill their behind-the-scenes secrets. As you might expect, alcohol is often involved. Read on to learn the stories behind some of your favorite makeup.

Image article

The Product-Name Hall Of Fame

Girls Love Ponies. Today I Accomplished Zero. Toucan Do It If You Try. Nail-polish names have gotten…ridiculous? Amazing? Only marginally related to the lacquer inside the bottle? Let's say, "all of the above."

Open uri20140804 26578 4u20kq article

Well, This Is One Way To Avoid "Old Lady" Hands

Fingerless gloves usually exist in the realm of the eccentric and fashion-forward (early Madonna or Karl Lagerfeld) or even hard-core (looking at you, Sons of Anarchy). Which is why, when we saw a number of brands releasing these odd-looking sun-protective versions, we were perplexed. Who, aside...

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The Best Beauty Buys For Bearded Dudes

Is there any better way to observe Father’s Day than with a celebration of the manliest trait, the beard? Think about it: While all fathers aren’t bearded, all beardos are fathers. Even if he’s never worn a BabyBjörn or changed a diaper, he has nurtured his beard from a scintilla...

Open uri20140804 26578 1yukq26 article

NYC's Best Salons, Spas, Tailors, & More

In a city with a nail salon (not to mention a Starbucks, shoe repair, day spa, and dry cleaner) on every block, New Yorkers have almost too many choices — and they're not all created equal. Don’t just go to the one that Yelp says is closest. Instead, we rounded...