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Writer. Editor. Content strategist.

I'm a writer, editor, consultant, culture analyst, and beauty & wellness expert, reporting on lifestyle & beauty trends from goth fitness to eyeball makeovers. Contact me at

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Mouth passover2017 article
T & C

11 Passover Gifts You'll Want to Nosh

Think toffee-apple matzo crunch, green chocolate plague frogs, and chai-flavored Stars of David.

Howto charity article
T & C

How to Choose a Charity Wisely

"There are literally one million charities in America today. That's a lot of different organizations vying for our attention," says Sandra Miniutti, Vice President of Marketing for Charity Navigator, a website that independently evaluates nonprofits. To be sure your donation makes the largest impact, here are seven important questions to ask.

Opera houses article
T & C

8 Amazing Opera Houses and How They're Keeping the Art Alive

The grandest, most ornate and iconic opera houses around the world are built on centuries of musical history, though they're dedicated to much more than celebrating the past. Here's how they're working to keep the art of opera alive and (loudly) bring it into the future.

Longhairdontcare article
T & C

Hair Meme History: Where Does the Phrase #LongHairDon'tCare Come From?

So while we all wait for confirmation one way or another on Becky's identity (and how the hell Jay-Z talked himself out of this one), we took a look at the origins of the phrase "good hair, don't care"? Here, an anecdotal timeline:

Tiffanytrump article
T & C

11 Things You Didn't Know About Tiffany Trump

​She's the California Trump, but don't worry, Dad still thinks she's a winner.