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I'm a writer, editor, consultant, culture analyst, and beauty & wellness expert, reporting on lifestyle & beauty trends from goth fitness to eyeball makeovers. Contact me at

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Wh0117hea periods bl article
Women's Health Magazine

The WH Menses Society

Periods: no longer shameful (yay!). Periods: still super painful (ugh). Enter our “Periodic” Table, where we decode each element of your cycle so you can outsmart symptoms. Read on, earn your masters in menstruation. (Women's Health Magazine, Jan/ Feb 2017 issue)

Gina zapanta article
Women's Health Magazine

'I Was Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer At 29 Weeks Pregnant'

Gina Zapata-Murphy was sitting down for dinner when she got the call that would change her life.

Karlie kloss cover womens health article
Women's Health Magazine

Business Model

Who is 6'2", boasts
5.2 million Instagram followers, and has a half-dozen hyphenates to her name? It’s Karlie Kloss, y’all! Give it up for her secrets on how to crack the code to your full potential. (Women's Health magazine, October 2016 issue, cover story)

Husband ptsd meirav devash article
Women's Health Magazine

What It's Like to Be Married to Someone with PTSD

"When he jumps out of bed at 5 a.m., drenched in sweat, I squeeze his hand as a signal that everything is going to be okay."

Wh0416 runway hair article
Women's Health Magazine

Loose Fits

The best catwalk hair, chilled out and ready for your life. (Women's Health magazine, April 2016 issue)

Give fewer fcks article
Women's Health Magazine

A Thorough Breakdown of Things You Can Stop Giving a F*ck About

The fact of the matter is, most of us give far too many f*cks.

Whnofilter ss article
Women's Health Magazine

The Best Foundations That Double as Instagram Filters

Progress. . .or narcissism? Cosmetic surgeons say patients who once requested celeb features now come armed with their own ultra-filtered selfies. And when you're your own muse, inspiration is errywhere. Makeup artist Beau Nelson, a former photo retoucher, spills on the best formulas.

Crowded house article
Women's Health Magazine

Crowded House

First comes moving in, then comes...getting a roommate? It’s the latest experiment in cohabitation—and experts say it could be great for your relationship.

Wh 0914 masters of sex 1 article
Women's Health Magazine

The New Masters of Sex

The bold efforts of these five pleasure-maxing pioneers are revolutionizing sex into a hotter, safer, and more blissful experience for us all. Try out their tips tonight

Master his stick article
Women's Health Magazine

Master His Stick

When it comes to men’s most prized anatomical attribute, there’s likely a lot you—and even he!—don’t know. This package of useful info will answer all of your pressing questions, from why he plays so much pocket pool to what the best sex position is for his size

Open uri20140804 26578 s3zl30 article
Women's Health Magazine

6 Smart, Sexy SPF Tips

Good news for Al Gore's disciples: The ozone layer, our natural UV filter, is beginning to repair itself. But that doesn't mean it's safe to go out with naked skin. Shield yourself from evil rays with this easy sun protection advice...

Open uri20140804 26578 4umtd6 article
Women's Health Magazine

How to Make Friends (In Real Life)

Studies show that forging—and maintaining—real bonds is more important than ever to our health and happiness. The problem: We've lost sight of how to do it....

Open uri20140804 26578 1s3x3jv article
Women's Health Magazine

10 Common Habits That Hurt Your Skin

Cut them out ASAP for skin that really glows....

Open uri20140804 26578 msm574 article
Women's Health Magazine

How to Break Up with a Friend

There's no shortage of advice on how to break up with a boyfriend. But with a friend? That's when things get tricky. Here's how to pull the plug with grace...