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I'm a writer, editor, consultant, culture analyst, and beauty & wellness expert, reporting on lifestyle & beauty trends from goth fitness to eyeball makeovers. Contact me at

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The Busy Girl's Guide To Meditation

The Busy Girl's Guide To Meditation

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3 Smart New Ways to Dry-Style Your Hair

In our November issue, Allure contributing editor Meirav Devash wrote about three that will help you get hair that’s big, glossy, or soft without going anywhere near your shower (or a bridesmaid’s dress). If you sprayed dry shampoo all over, it would give your hair a matte finish. “Traditional texturizing...

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20 Ways to Wear Eyeliner

Photo: Getty Images By Meirav Devash There was a time when eyeliner’s sole purpose was to make the lashes seem thicker, maybe even give the eyes a little more definition. Let’s be clear: That time has passed. Eyeliner is not intended simply to enhance a look. In 2015, eyeliner is...

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This New Type of Moisturizer Will Change Your Skin-Care Game

New gel moisturizers are cool and transparent and feel like nothing on the skin. But are they all they’re cracked up to be?...

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How to Pick the Best Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

By Meirav Devash The notion of a single “best” liner shade for your eye color is as outdated as eating for your blood type. But certain shades can intensify your natural eye color and, in some cases, even change its appearance.Charlotte Tilbury , the makeup artist behind Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow...


The 8 Biggest Beauty Lies Reddit Told Us

If you ever want to know more about…well, anything, visit Reddit. For beauty junkies, there are several rabbit holes to fall into, including AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts from makeup gurus, nail art tutorials, and in-depth breakdowns of Asian skin-care regimens. As with any fandom, the beauty world has...